I’m Ivy, like the vine. I’m a Minnesota-born chick, currently documenting life wherever my Lord and Savior calls me to be. I’m crazy passionate about love and my fluff-ball cat, Arby, and I’m usually never seen not laughing. I take my friendships and coffee very seriously, I’m an extreme ambivert, and I think Ron Swanson is for sure the best character on Parks and Rec. When I’m not photographing first looks and going in for seconds at the reception, I enjoy taking photos in my minimal spare time, because photography never ever feels like work to me. Most importantly, I want to connect with you!

I started my business when I was only seventeen years old HOLY COW. I wake up every morning still in AWE of God molding my business into what it is today. knowing I get to take photos of some of the most beautiful human beings in the world makes my heart beat fast than all other things. I want to capture your relationship under golden desert sunsets, soft rolling mountains, cascading waterfalls, and in thick green forests or even in your own backyard with the two of you snuggled around the fire and trying to roast the perfect marshmallow —wherever your love fits best. I promise to never to pose you two (I’m not about those stiff awkward “prom” poses), I’m all about capturing the raw, quirky, sarcastic, crazy wonderful love you two share, and don’t forget the booty grabs and moments you stop to whisper inside jokes with your sexiest voice to one another. We’ll be laughing, dancing, adventuring, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that spontaneous, carefree, moody magic happen.

I really don’t consider you a client, but a friend. I don’t want that friendship to end after I send the final batch of photographs to you, but to be a true lifetime thing! Meeting you and being the ultimate third wheeler you’ll ever have tag along and being a part of your most important moments is what I’m all about with Ivy Christina Photography …so prepare to make some memories and chow down some burritos, but I do take my role seriously. After all, your photos are the most important thing you’ll ever have to look back onto at the end of the day.

Drop me a line below if your serious about having me as your photographer or simply send virtual high fives + hugs. I look forward to hearing from you!



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