When did I fall in love with photography?

It all started in my junior year of high school, I was going to school to become a pastry chef before ( long story short I ended up hating it ). One day at school my eyes caught the attention of a glass case of vintage cameras. Little did I know, in less than a minute of swooning over the display of cameras my entire life was about to change. I went on and completed my semester at culinary school and immediately switched my major to photography, starting off by taking a night course in B&W photography ...since then I've never been able to put down my camera since.

What gear do I shoot with?

I shoot primarily on my Canon Mark 5D IV for most of my work, though I enjoy bringing along my Canon 6D as my back-up camera, along with my stellar 35mm ART lens and 135mm lens as well; everything this woman needs to capture the magic!

Do I travel?

Although I'm based in Minneapolis, I'm the kind of woman who will literally drop everything and go travel to photograph your wedding, whether that be out in Iceland or the country side of France. Please make sure to ask about travel rates before inquiring about destination work.

How far in advance do I accept
wedding inquiries?


I accept all wedding inquires up to 12 months in advance. Note, that I only take on 15 to 20 weddings per year and my weekends fill up very quickly. If your looking to book me as your wedding photographer within a year, shoot me an email or fill out my client questionnaire and lets make something happen! 

What do I look for in a bride
and groom?


I find that most of my wedding clients to be adventurous . authentic . intimate . and absolutely not afraid to hike up into the mountains and display their love right in front of the camera. I can't begin to express how much I love every single one of my clients and how much they've grown me into the photographer I am today.

Why do I do what I do?

Simple. Photography allowed me to open up to the world and experience life while taking photos like never before. Becoming a photographer never meant to be a creative expression for me, it was more of a reality I wanted to live, document, and make a story out of. Now here I am, doing exactly that.

What is my turn around time
for photos?

Please expect 4-5 weeks after your wedding date. Summer tends to be my busiest season for photos and therefore it may take some time for photos to be completed.