Sunset at Mauna Kea Beach Couples Session . Kailua-Kona, HI

My official first day on the big island of Hawaii. WOW. Saying those words still blows my mind away! I still can’t believe I’m here, on the YWAM Kona base with my two best friends, waking up at 7am and doing Bible study less than a block away from the ocean. It’s almost impossible for me to look down at my Bible when you got palm trees, the ocean, and rainbows peeking out against the horizon line. I should of known doing my quite time with a view would be distracting enough for me. Though, no matter where I was this entire island was a distraction and it’s exactly what I needed. I set aside my Bible for a minute and gazed out onto the ocean and breathed the salt water air and spread my arms out praying and thanking God for every second I spend on this island. I continue to tremble with joy and find contentment just laying here looking onward and knowing my this is where I’m meant to be right now.
Later that day, we all hopped in the back of the truck and heading south towards Mauna Kea beach. While spending our entire day body surfing, getting sand stuck in places sand should never be, and taking photos with each other …I was fortunate enough to steal these two babes for a few minutes before sunset and right then from there all I could ever imagine myself was taking photo on the beach for the rest of my life! I know sound a little dramatic when I say these words, but with full disclosure nothing nothing else compares to moments like these of two people in love and being swept off your feet by the ocean. Joshua and Brooke you two were the grand finally of the night !!!

Ivy HansenComment